from anomalies.

With advanced comparison charts and energy reports, you’ll know the moment your energy moves outside normal operating parameters. Over time, the data will begin to predict future energy consumptions, so you can be prepared.

Data that

Vitality stores historical data, tracking energy consumption over time and recording when and where abnormalities happen. Because everyday is unique, our program also considers standards for weather normalization and energy management. Using comprehensive algorithms, Vitality is able to predict future energy consumption. You’ll be notified if or when energy spikes outside normal tolerances.

Charting and Reports
are User Friendly

Vitality creates comparison reports that quickly show, at a glance, the historical data trends of any and all metering points. This easy-to-read graph will show you when any point moves outside normal operating standards. While it’s tracking everything over time, Vitality will also alert you the moment something irregular occurs. This can be done via text, email or daily reports. Gain true control of your energy.

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