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Automatic Reporting and Billing

No need to travel to your properties to check the meters. Sit back, relax, and view energy readings in real time right on your computer with our energy automation.


At month’s end, we collect the data from the utility bills and tenant meters. Our artificial intelligence does the rest. By calculating variables like time of use, tiered pricing, square footage of tenant space, and percentages, our fully automated system eliminates errors that would otherwise cost you time and money.

Charting and Reports are User Friendly

There are many benefits to our energy automation. Vitality creates comparison reports that quickly show, at a glance, the historical data trends of any and all metering points. This easy-to-read graph will show you when any point moves outside normal operating standards. While it’s tracking everything over time, Vitality will also alert you the moment something irregular occurs. This can be done via text, email or daily reports. Gain true control of your energy.

Customizable Invoices

Each tenant and property has its individual needs. You get to choose the invoice that best suits your needs, allowing you to bill for what the tenant is actually using. Some examples are:

• Having multiple tenants on one invoice.

• Adding fees such as garbage removal, services, etc.

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