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Energy Star Portfolio Manager Automation

Did your score decrease?  We can help!

Automatic Benchmarking with Energy Star Portfolio Manager

No need to manually enter data every month.  Sit back, relax, and view your buildings energy performance every month without entering data.

Every month we download your utility bill and “scrape” the data points directly from it.  Our artificial intelligence does the rest.  We automatically download the data and import it into Energy Star Portfolio Manager and generate your Energy Star Score.  This data, along with other energy data, such as cost per square foot, and Energy Use Index is then displayed in Vitality.  Our fully automated system eliminates errors that would otherwise cost you time, money and points.

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Charting and Reports are User Friendly

Vitality creates comparison reports that quickly show, at a glance, the historical data trends of any and all utility bill points. This easy-to-read graph will show you when any point moves outside normal operating standards. While it’s tracking everything over time, Vitality will also alert you the moment something irregular occurs, such as increased energy costs. This can be done via text, email or daily reports. Gain true control of your energy.

Customizable Reports

A building is a sensitive ecosystem and as such, it has its individual needs. You can create reports that get automatically updated, allowing you to get the information that you need when you need it. Some examples are: • Energy Use Index (EUI) • Cost per Square Foot • kWh per ton (BTU) • kWh or BTU per Square Foot. • Many more!

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