Ratio Utility Billing

Give control to the tenants

When you automate energy costs with Vitality Energy, you can manage a wide range of tenants while also incentivizing them to save energy. If you’re worried this is going to be a long, hard, expensive process, we promise it won’t be. There are no high upfront costs to submeter, just one low monthly cost for hardware.

Automate your utility billing

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Improving RUBs with
Detailed Accuracy

Many landlords, building owners, and property managers are using complex spreadsheets or outdated software to manually calculate tenants’ bills. Most don’t have the time to account for true tenant consumption and utility rate changes.

Vitality’s automated RUBs gathers operational invoices, disseminates the data and turns it into tenant invoices. Our artificial intelligence learns from the data, using complex algorithms to make calculations with greater accuracy than any other system.

Online Tenant

Vitality allows your tenants to access their invoices through our cloud-based platform. From there they can access historical and energy data, pay invoices, and speak with a customer support representative.

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