Proactive Energy


Only looking at the big picture will prevent you from finding the small adjustments that save money over time. Sub-metering combined with Vitality’s energy analytics brings focus to the areas your facility needs improvement on and detailed management over.

Real-Time Energy

• Power – Decrease energy usage by seeing peak demand times of the day.

• Natural Gas – Keep production costs down by tracking consumption and flow rate.

• Water – Save water by knowing when and where your water is flowing.

• Renewables – Get a return on your investment by measuring the production of renewable energy.

Stay Detail Oriented

Get informed, with sub-metering that shows data the main meter can’t provide. See energy consumption in real-time as it’s being used. Discover what’s consuming energy in your facility, giving you the tools to better manage energy output. Even create alarms to alert you to developing problems before they get out of control.

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