Ratio Utility Billing.

Put Your Utility Bills on Automatic

Vitality Energy does all the work for you: automatically retrieving all the utility billing data directly from the utility company, and organizing the information into the correct utility bills. Even if your utility bills come via email or mail, Vitality Energy’s program will do what’s necessary to get all the information.
Vitality Utility Software

Improving RUBs with Detailed Accuracy

Many landlords, building owners, and property managers are using complex spreadsheets or outdated software to manually calculate tenants’ bills. Most don’t have the time to account for true tenant consumption and utility rate changes.

Vitality’s automated RUBs gathers operational invoices, disseminates the data and turns it into tenant invoices. Our artificial intelligence learns from the data, using complex algorithms to make calculations with greater accuracy than any other system.

How We Get from Start to Finish

Vitality’s Utility Bill Module links to your utility accounts and then rest is taken care of. The link allows us to automatically pull all necessary information from the utility company, including past data. We then analyze the data, using the history as a base-line, and giving you accuracy reports.
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