Multiple Options For Utility Billing

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Multiple Options for Utility Billing

Utility billing can feel like an overwhelming process, especially when you manage multiple properties. There are several options available for utility billing processes. The ideal process for you will depend primarily on your business, the investment you want to make in your processes, and the devices you have available. At Vitality, we offer multiple options for your utility billing needs.

Ratio Utility Billing

Ratio utility billing is a system for utility bill distribution that uses various factors to determine the distribution of utility bills. These factors can be anything from the number of rooms, the square footage of the property, or a number of other factors. When you implement a ratio utility billing system, you can ensure that utility bills are distributed fairly across your renters.


Submetering uses meters in order to determine the exact amount of energy that a specific tenant is using. While this is often the fairest method for utility bill allocation, it is important to note that submetering requires the installation of meters. However, if you already have meters installed on the property, we can integrate them to our platform to meet all of your submetering requirements.

Automate Your Billing

Automated processes tend to be much simpler and save you a substantial amount of time. When you have to manually complete your utility billing processes, you will have to invest a significant amount of your own time in completing the process. There will also be an increased risk of mistakes. At Vitality, we are capable of automating your billing processes.

Save Money With Utility Billing

Not only is it more convenient to have automated billing systems, but it will also save you money in the long run. Your time is valuable, so it is crucial to ensure that you can use it in more efficient manners. It will also prevent problems that can result in significant expenses over time.

The Best Option For You

Whatever your business requires, Vitality has the best utility billing option for your needs. From ratio utility billing to submetering, we have the capability of providing options to meet your expectations.

Reduce Expenses

The less time you have to spend on your utility billing, the more time you will have to focus on other aspects. This will also prevent the necessity of spending money on labor expenses for someone else to complete your utility billing.

The Integrations

Problems are common when utility billing is completed manually. With our automated systems, you can prevent these billing issues from arising.

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