University of Utah Energy Management Case Study

University of Utah Case Study


The University of Utah (“U”) has taken and implemented many measures to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their overall carbon footprint in the world.

Summa Energy Solutions has been around for a long time helping the University of Utah measure and verify the impact of the various Energy Efficiency Programs implemented by the U over the years. The U understands the vital importance Energy Metering and Monitoring plays in the implementation of their various Energy Efficiency efforts, and that without Metering, they would lose much of their efficiency.

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Summa has overseen the implementation of a custom version of Vitality, a tool that provides vital energy metrics for the Energy Management Department, while offering robust utility sub-billing, giving larger departments the ability to bill smaller tenants within their area of management.

The U engaged in a full-scale energy conservation project with a nationwide Energy Services Company (ESCO), in an aggressive effort to reduce their Energy Consumption. However, the U wanted to ensure and measure the return on this large investment. For this important undertaking, they hired Summa Energy Solutions to address the issue. After several years of using our service, the U continues to use and apply the insights gained through Vitality on all current and future Energy Projects.

To ensure the viability and accuracy of this data, Summa maintains over 1,000 campus wide meters that have been installed. The maintenance includes hardware maintenance, troubleshooting, verification of programming points, and oversight of new construction. A major endeavor that Summa has overseen, is the transition from putting metering point in their Building Automation System (BAS), and putting them in a comprehensive Data Acquisition Server.

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