Utility Submetering:

Saving you time and energy

When you automate energy costs with Vitality Energy, you can manage a wide range of tenants while also incentivizing them to save energy. If you’re worried this is going to be a long, hard, expensive process, we promise it won’t be. There are no high upfront costs to submeter, just one low monthly cost for hardware.

Simplify your sub-metering.

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Keeping it Easy

Don’t have any sub-meters?
No problem. Vitality Energy excels at identifying the right utility submeter for your situation and then assists in the proper installation of the equipment.  We then offer commissioning and software for proper data accuracy.

Do you have existing submeters?
Great! Vitality Energy can connect to almost any kind of submeter. We want to help you save money wherever we can, so don’t worry about buying new equipment.

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