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Water Submetering

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Automated Water Submetering for Tenants

During our water submetering process, Vitality handles everything from the submeter to the collection from your tenants.  Our complete process allows you to invoice tenants for their actual water use and easily collect.  If you are tired of rising water costs, let Vitality help you!

Vitality’s Services:

  • Hardware Purchase & Lease Options.

  • Wireless Submetering Solutions.

  • Direct to Tenant Billing (No Owner Payments)

  • Real-Time Energy dashboards

  • Tenant Billing and Collections.

How Water Submetering Works

Vitality Submeterin

Real-Time Water

Water Submetering and RUBS

Hardware Purchase – Don’t have submeters?  No problem!  Vitality has a solution for you to easily begin.

Hardware Lease – Trying to keep implementation costs low?  We offer a low monthly price to get you started today.

Ratio Utility Billing (Rubs) – Not interested in installing hardware? Our artificial intelligence can provide your tenants with accurate energy use without the need for hardware.

Advanced Leak Detection

Prevent unnecessary costs.  Vitality’s energy analytics allows you to know when a water leak happens in real time. Avoid the costs that are caused by water damage by being notified if water usage goes outside of normal operational use. This can go a long way toward ensuring that you can prevent exorbitant costs with excessive, and unintentional, water use.

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